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Clear Vision Therapies is more than just a Mental Health Service — it’s a growing community! Dedicated to educating, serving and empowering people since its conception. The service have made it a point to be involved with people in providing Lifestyle Workshops, Events, and Health Tips. Check out what’s going on this month at Clear Vision Therapies, and schedule an appointment today!



Depression and Anxiety is one of the fastest growing health issues in the world.                  

Stopping you in your tracks and reducing the way you want to live your life.

You will leave the first session with hope, understanding and more relaxed. 

I aim to calm your nervous system down quickly with deep relaxation, powerful re-framing to the negative thinking that keeps you stuck.

You will have a clearer understanding of what is happening in your brain and your energy while you are depressed and anxious.

3-6 sessions is generally what it takes for you to start living more positively and vibrantly in your life once more.

I use therapies that are effective for you. 

As a Nutritionist and Mental Health Clinician I encourage you to look to your diet to speed the process up.

Research proves gut health assists in mental health.

Using micro-nutrients and 'easy formula' foods I'm committed to showing you how to  improve your mood, brain function and energy.

Email me and I will ring or email you back with some brief questionairres to determine your mood and energy.

You Have Everything to Gain!

You Definitely are So Worth it!

I will get in touch to work out how I can best serve you.

A Chronic Illness Care Plan for Mental Health Support can be requested from your Doctor. Give them my details.        

Clear Vision Therapies

Julie Lehman


Provider Number 4038215L

You are able to access 5 sessions per year with this care plan.

Gap fee for you to pay only $60

Fee $110 per hour.

In Person, Phone or Internet Consults Available


Clear Vision Therapies, is dedicated to offering you solutions to your Mental Health and Psychological Issues.

          My name is Julie Lehman and founder of Clear Vision Therapies years ago to combine the holistic, nutritional and spiritual aspect of my work.

I am a Registered Mental Health Clinician, Psychotherapist, Functional Nutritionist and Neuro Nutrient Therapist with over 30 years Experience, trained in Evidence Based Therapies.

I am trained in a variety of modalities including Functional Nutrition, Neuro Nutrient Therapy, Meditation, Five Element Flow Dance, Psychological Therapies, Hypnotherapy, Relaxation, Energy Medicine and Access Bars.

I often suggest a hair analysis as a foundational assessment to see what's happening in your body with metal toxicity, stress factors and nutritional status. I will send a health quiz before we get started to assess the issues you are experiencing.

As a Mental Health Clinician, I am experienced in a broad range of presentations.

Changing destructive, negative thoughts and feelings to those that serve you better is one of the keys to the healing process in your journey.

Creating safety and a deep seated sense of yourself allows your life to flow with grace and richness.

Life is too short. Really!

Welcome to Mental Health Nutrition Virtual Clinic, Offering Effective Solutions to your Unwanted Mental States. Empowering You is My Mission, so you can take Charge of Your Health Once and for All.

Specializing in Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Mental Health Nutrition, Neuro Nutrient Therapy, Sugar Detox Programs, Public Talks, Relaxation Therapies, 5 Element Dance, Access Bars, Psych- K, Meditation and Healing. 

Embark on Your Healing Journey.

You'll be so pleased you did.

Email me to arrange a time that suits us both for Yourself or Your Loved Ones.

Looking forward to working with you!

$150 per 75 minute sessions.

$110 per 50 minute sessions.

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Online , Phone, or In- Person Consults

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

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